Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Building the Foundations

I have always had aspirations to write, to share thoughts and inspirations and perhaps one day, even write a book. However, until today most of what I have written has remained under wraps or for project related eyes only. The tipping point from thoughts to action came recently, in a series of well meaning comments from friends and colleagues; 'You should write and share your insights', 'Can you write for my magazine', to the most honest 'you should write, get focussed on you and not others!'.

So as way of introduction; I am passionate about brands, creating, building and nurturing them. However I believe that brands are more than an identity or compelling customer proposition, brands should be like an iceberg. The visible element should be the smallest part, brands should run through the deepest parts of a company; people, processes, actions, thoughts and mindsets. In this way, brands like icebergs are beautiful. 

Aside from brands, I am passionate about culture, business excellence, integrity, start-ups and poverty alleviation. I have lived in three different continents and love the experience and understanding that each of these experiences have given me. 

Now located in Scotland I am a brand and business strategist working with fabulous clients across lots of different industries. I am also a mentor at Entrepreneurial-Spark, a non-profit social enterprise, with one thing at its heart; helping and nurturing early stage businesses to succeed, so they can make it to their first and second birthdays and potentially get investment or an exit. Finally I am a board member of a charity working in Africa helping to equip through education, support through work initiatives and bring relief to those in extreme poverty through food, accommodation and medical assistance.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you, adding value and food for thought. 

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